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Dot Art’s mission is to create exemplary art making opportunities for children ages three to ten in Dorchester.

Founded in 1998, Dot Art has two art studios where we offer classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed-media and collage. We partner with the Henderson Elementary School and other non-profits in Dorchester to offer after-school art classes. We create art making events for children which result in works of art for the whole community to witness and experience. These art “happenings” sometimes reach thousands.

Dot Art teaches children to use line, color, shape, design, texture and form. We are giving them an introduction and sometimes mastery of a visual vocabulary to express what is often beyond words. We teach children to be courageous on the canvas, to take risks with their creative impulses. And perhaps most importantly, we teach children to be delightfully surprised by the unexpected. “If something doesn't go your way, make it into something new, that drip can become something else. What begins as a horse can become a butterfly.”

Dot Art provides a safe, fun, welcoming community for our children to experiment with imagination and explore new possibilities in art with experienced teachers and volunteers.

Dot Art brings our neighborhood together. When a community witnesses large-scale public art works made by it's children, there's a sense of pride and ownership. We teach children to be expressive citizens and that what they have to say matters.

As Boston's largest and most populous neighborhood, Dorchester encompasses a rich diversity of approximately 92,000 residents. According to the 2010 Census Dorchester is 37.3% Black, 28% White, 13.8% Hispanic, 11.6 % Asian and 10.2% comprised of Native Americans, Hawaiian /Pacific Islander and Other. But although rich in resources, Dorchester residents still face some of the highest rates of poverty and social inequities in the city. Dot Art believes all residents of Boston should have access to visual arts learning opportunities and is striving to increase the numbers of children and adults that it serves.

Dot Art is grateful to Mass Cultural Council for operational support. We have received funding over the years from many Boston area foundations. We are proud to collaborate with cultural and civic groups in Dorchester such as UMass Boston, The Henderson Elementary School, Ashmont Hill Nursery School, Dorchester Bike Festival, Codman Academy Charter School, Saint Mark’s Main Streets, Dorchester Food Coop and Farmer’s Market, The Mather Elementary School, Boston City Singers, The Lee Academy Innovation School, College Bound Dorchester, Ashmont Hill Civic Association, The Peabody Square Firehouse.